iOS 12 problems: That Should Have Known to Become Best User!

We’re investigating all issues related to iOS 12 and any known corrections that appear here. iOS 12 causes problems for some users of messages using the Apple ID, possibly with their parents. To get the solution of them take a look best mobile App Developer in Austin.

iOS 12 unifies all the messages of a contact in a thread based on their phone number and Apple ID email address. This seems like a great feature, but since some Apple iPhone or iPad users share an Apple ID with a parent, their text messages appear to be unified in one thread – and probably the wrong one, as reported. The poster is identified by Piunikaweb.

Twitter users like the one mentioned above have highlighted the problem and there is a discussion in the support community on the Apple website.

It seems that these are users who use a common Apple ID, but the cases have not been reported.

One of the posts in the Apple support community describes the problem:

“I also have this problem and it started after updating for iOS 12. I use an iPhone 6+.

I have a story in which I receive messages from my daughter and my husband.
When I answer, it’s up to the last person who sent me a message on this thread, not the other person (so as not to confuse it with a “group message”).

To get a message to the intended recipient, I create a new message with the correct contact. Once the message has been sent, it connects to the combined message thread.

I have tried a complete shutdown and restart, but it has not been resolved. We’re all on the same Apple account (if that means something), but there are other devices and people in the account who do not seem to be interested yet. ”

So far, Apple has not offered a solution to the problem. If a problem occurs, we will update this article.

Recharge problems

Initially, this seemed to affect only some new models of the iPhone XS and XS Max, but it could be a software problem that also affects the previous iPhones and iPads. Reportedly, some iOS devices are not recharged via the Lightning cable.

It seems that some iOS devices are not loaded when in suspend mode when connected. Some people have said that the device is charging but it stops after a short time.

Unbox Therapy has tested and replicated the problem on iPhone XS (see below).

Because reports indicate that the problem affects older iOS 12 devices, it appears to be more of a software bug than a hardware problem.

9to5mac notes that it has been suggested that it could refer to the new mode with USB restrictions, but it is not clear if this is the case.

Future features of iOS 12

Not all the new features promised by Apple will be available with the launch of iOS 12. In this section, we discuss the new features of iOS 12 and start time.


It may soon be time to use the Apple Maps app. Apple has not announced that it wants to completely revise its Maps app during the WWDC note. This revelation came later in an interview (we have all the details here: New version of Apple Maps in iOS 12).

Apple has decided that the best way to improve the maps is not to rely on third parties and collect all the data personally. To this end, he had his vans, the images collected. He also collected anonymous data from the iPhone and used a team of human editors to make sure his maps were always up to date.

Apparently, the problem with Apple Maps right now is that Apple is taking too long to make changes due to the involvement of third parties. In this way, changes can be made immediately. So, when a new road opens, it can be quickly displayed in Maps.

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